Is miracles of heaven a true story?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Miracles from Heaven is indeed based on a true story. The film is an adaptation of the memoir written by Christy Beam, the mother of Annabel Beam, who had a remarkable experience that defied medical explanation.

In the film, Jennifer Garner portrays Christy Beam, and Kylie Rogers plays the role of Annabel. The story revolves around Annabel’s battle with a rare and incurable digestive disorder known as pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. This condition caused Annabel to experience excruciating pain and severely limited her ability to eat and digest food.

Despite seeking medical treatment and consulting numerous doctors, Christy and her husband Kevin (portrayed by Martin Henderson) were unable to find a cure for their daughter’s illness. They faced numerous challenges and frustrations, watching their daughter suffer and feeling helpless in their efforts to help her.

However, miraculously, Annabel had a near-death experience after falling into a hollow tree during a family outing. During this time, she claims to have visited heaven and met Jesus, who assured her that everything would be okay. When Annabel was rescued from the tree, she showed no signs of injury and began to show improvement in her health.

Following this experience, Annabel’s symptoms began to subside, and she eventually made a full recovery. This remarkable turnaround baffled her doctors, who could not explain how she had suddenly been cured of a condition that had previously been considered incurable.

The film also explores the impact of Annabel’s illness on her family and the community around them. It delves into the themes of faith, hope, and the power of belief in the face of adversity. Queen Latifah portrays a character named Angela, who becomes a source of support and inspiration for the Beam family during their difficult journey.

Miracles from Heaven is a heartwarming and inspirational film that tells the true story of Annabel Beam’s miraculous healing. While some may approach stories like these with skepticism, the film stays true to the real-life experiences of the Beam family as recounted by Christy Beam in her memoir.

Miracles from Heaven is based on a true story and offers a portrayal of the incredible events that Annabel Beam and her family went through. The film serves as a testament to the power of faith, the resilience of the human spirit, and the possibility of miracles in our lives.