Is Litchfield prison a real place?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Litchfield prison, as depicted in the TV series Orange is the New Black (OITNB), is a fictional institution. It is set in Litchfield, a town in upstate New York. However, in reality, there is no federal penitentiary located in Litchfield or the surrounding area.

The actual filming location for the series is the Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center, which is situated in Rockland County, New York. This facility served as the backdrop for the fictional Litchfield prison. The choice of this location was likely due to its large size and the ability to transform it into a believable correctional facility.

Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center is a real-life former psychiatric hospital that was closed down in 1999. The series production team transformed the abandoned facility to resemble a prison, complete with cells, common areas, and administrative offices. The eerie and dilapidated atmosphere of the old psychiatric center adds to the authenticity of the show’s portrayal of life behind bars.

It is worth noting that the series takes creative liberties with its portrayal of prison life, and many aspects of the show may not accurately reflect the reality of incarcerated individuals. OITNB uses the fictional Litchfield prison as a backdrop to explore various social and political issues, providing a commentary on the American prison system.

While Litchfield prison may not exist in real life, the series has sparked conversations and shed light on the challenges faced by incarcerated individuals. It has also brought attention to the need for prison reform and the importance of addressing issues such as overcrowding, inadequate healthcare, and the treatment of marginalized populations within correctional institutions.

Litchfield prison is not a real place. The series is filmed in the old Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center in Rockland County, New York, which has been transformed into a believable correctional facility for the purpose of the show.