Is Jessica Rabbit based on Veronica Lake?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Is Jessica Rabbit based on Veronica Lake? This question has sparked much debate among fans of the iconic film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. While some may argue that the sultry cartoon character was inspired by the glamorous actress Veronica Lake, the truth is quite different. In fact, Jessica Rabbit’s creation was influenced by another stunning redhead from the 1950s – Vikki Dougan, a lesser-known actress from New York.

Vikki Dougan, often referred to as “The Back” due to her signature plunging backless gowns, captivated audiences with her alluring and seductive style. She had a unique fashion sense that emphasized her curves and left a lasting impression on those who saw her. Dougan became well-known for her provocative fashion choices, which showcased her back and garnered attention wherever she went.

It is believed that this distinctive look of Vikki Dougan caught the attention of the creators of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, who sought to bring a similar appeal to the character of Jessica Rabbit. The animators wanted to capture the essence of a seductive and mysterious woman, and Dougan’s image provided the perfect inspiration.

Although many people associate Jessica Rabbit with Veronica Lake, who was also a prominent actress known for her beauty and red hair, there is little evidence to support this claim. While Lake certainly had her own allure, her connection to the creation of Jessica Rabbit seems to be more of a misconception or a popular rumor rather than a factual basis.

It is worth noting that the character design for Jessica Rabbit was not solely based on any one person. As with most animated characters, she was a combination of various influences, including the animators’ imagination and the desire to create a memorable and visually striking figure. However, the resemblance between Jessica Rabbit and Vikki Dougan is undeniably striking.

Vikki Dougan’s unique style and captivating presence were captured in the animated character of Jessica Rabbit. Both women exuded a certain allure and sensuality that made them unforgettable in their respective eras. Dougan’s fashion choices, particularly her backless gowns, left a lasting impact and played a significant role in shaping the character’s iconic look.

While the debate regarding Jessica Rabbit’s inspiration continues, it is clear that Vikki Dougan, rather than Veronica Lake, had a significant influence on the creation of the character. As fans of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, we can appreciate the artistry behind Jessica Rabbit’s design and the timeless allure of both Dougan and the animated seductress.