Is Jack a good eating fish?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Jack fish, also known as jack crevalle, is a type of fish that can be eaten, but it is not commonly sought after for its culinary qualities. Personally, I have tried eating jack fish, and while it is not my first choice, I can provide some insights into its taste and texture.

One of the main reasons why jack fish is not widely consumed is because of the time and effort required to clean and prepare it. Jack fish have a bony structure, which makes them quite challenging to fillet. The bones are numerous and small, making it a tedious task to remove them completely. This can be a major deterrent for many people, especially those who prefer easier-to-clean fish varieties.

In terms of taste, the quality of jack fish meat can vary. Younger jack fish tend to have better-tasting flesh compared to older ones. The meat is generally white and has a mild flavor, but it can sometimes be described as slightly oily. The texture can also be a bit tough and coarse, especially in larger fish. However, when cooked properly, the meat can still be enjoyable.

It is worth noting that jack fish are often caught for sport rather than for their culinary value. They are known for their strong fighting abilities and are sought after by anglers for the thrill of the chase. This further contributes to their reputation as a less commonly consumed fish.

While I personally find jack fish to be an acceptable option for consumption, it is not a popular choice among many seafood enthusiasts. There are other fish varieties that are more highly regarded for their taste, texture, and ease of preparation. However, if you have access to fresh jack fish and are willing to put in the effort to clean and cook it properly, you may still find it to be a satisfactory meal. Ultimately, the decision to eat jack fish comes down to personal preference and the willingness to navigate its challenging characteristics.