Is it would of or would ve?

Answered by James Kissner

In the English language, when expressing the conditional form “would have,” it is commonly contracted to “would’ve” in spoken language. This contraction may sound similar to “would of,” but it is important to note that “would of” is never grammatically correct. The correct phrase is always “would have.”

Using contractions is a natural part of spoken English, helping to streamline communication and make speech flow more smoothly. However, it is crucial to understand that the contraction “would’ve” is a combination of “would” and “have,” not “would” and “of.”

To clarify further, “would’ve” is simply a contraction of “would have.” For example:

– “I would have gone to the party if I had known about it.”
– “He would’ve helped you if you had asked for assistance.”

In these examples, “would’ve” is the correct contraction of “would have.” It is worth noting that “would’ve” is primarily used in spoken language or informal writing. In formal writing, it is generally recommended to use the full phrase “would have” instead of the contraction.

To summarize, the correct phrase is “would have,” and the contraction is “would’ve.” It is important to avoid the incorrect usage of “would of” as it is grammatically incorrect.