Is it worth it to pay for Bumble?

Answered by Robert Dupre

In my personal experience, I have found that upgrading to Bumble Boost can be worth it if you don’t check the app daily. Let me explain why.

1. Extended match time: One of the main benefits of Bumble Boost is the ability to extend the match time for an additional 24 hours. This is particularly useful if you are a busy person or tend to forget to check the app regularly. With the free version of Bumble, matches expire after 24 hours if no conversation has been initiated. By upgrading to Bumble Boost, you have the option to extend the match and give yourself more time to make a connection.

2. Rematch with expired matches: Another advantage of Bumble Boost is the ability to rematch with expired connections. Sometimes, you may have been busy or simply missed the opportunity to start a conversation with someone you were interested in. With Bumble Boost, you can go back and rematch with these expired matches, giving you a second chance to make a connection. This feature can be especially useful if you regret not reaching out to someone before they disappeared from your match queue.

3. Beeline: Bumble Boost also offers a feature called “Beeline” which allows you to see a list of users who have already swiped right on your profile. This can save you time and effort by showing you potential matches who are already interested in you. It can be a great confidence boost to know that there are people out there who have already shown an interest in getting to know you.

4. Advanced filters: With Bumble Boost, you also gain access to advanced filters that can help you narrow down your search for potential matches. You can filter based on criteria such as education, height, exercise habits, and more. This can be particularly helpful if you have specific preferences or deal-breakers when it comes to dating.

That being said, whether or not upgrading to Bumble Boost is worth it ultimately depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. If you are an active user who checks the app daily and doesn’t mind the time constraints of the free version, you may not find the upgrade necessary. However, if you are someone who needs a bit more flexibility and wants the opportunity to rematch with expired connections, then Bumble Boost can be a valuable investment.

Upgrading to Bumble Boost can be worth it if you don’t check the app daily. The ability to get an additional day or rematch with expired matches could mean the difference between making a connection and striking out completely. Consider your own dating habits and preferences before making a decision, and weigh the benefits of Bumble Boost against the cost.