Is it okay if I dont lube my switches?

Answered by Jason Smith

As an expert, I strongly recommend lubing your switches if you have the time and equipment. Lubing switches can greatly improve their performance and overall feel. While there are certain switch types where lubing may not be necessary or beneficial, for the most part, it is highly recommended.

Lubing switches involves applying a thin layer of lubricant to the moving parts of the switch. This helps reduce friction and smoothens the switch’s operation. The benefits of lubing switches are easily noticeable and can greatly enhance your typing or gaming experience.

Here are a few reasons why lubing your switches is a good idea:

1. Smoother switch operation: Lubricating switches reduces the friction between the moving parts, allowing for smoother and more consistent switch actuation. This can make typing or gaming feel more fluid and effortless.

2. Quieter operation: Switches that are properly lubed tend to produce less noise. The lubricant helps dampen any rattling or scratching sounds that may occur during switch actuation, resulting in a quieter keyboard.

3. Improved switch longevity: By reducing friction and wear on the switch components, lubing can potentially increase the lifespan of your switches. This is particularly important for mechanical keyboards that are used extensively.

4. Enhanced switch feel: Lubing can give switches a more satisfying and tactile feel. It can make the switch travel smoother and provide a more cushioned bottom-out or return experience. This can be especially beneficial for those who prefer a softer or more tactile typing/gaming experience.

While lubing switches can provide these benefits, it’s important to note that it does require some time and effort. You’ll need to disassemble your switches, apply the lubricant, and then reassemble them. It’s also crucial to use the right type and amount of lubricant to avoid any negative effects on switch performance.

If you’re new to lubing switches, there are plenty of resources available online that can guide you through the process. Many keyboard enthusiasts and communities offer detailed tutorials and recommendations for lubing different switch types.

In my personal experience, lubing switches has made a noticeable difference in both the feel and sound of my keyboards. The smoothness and reduced noise make typing for long periods more enjoyable, and the enhanced tactile feedback adds to the overall satisfaction of using a mechanical keyboard.

While it’s not absolutely necessary to lube your switches, I highly recommend doing so if you have the time and equipment. The benefits in terms of improved switch feel, smoother operation, reduced noise, and potentially increased switch longevity are well worth the effort. Once you experience the difference lubed switches can make, it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back.