Is Iceman the good guy?

Answered by Edward Huber

Iceman, portrayed by Val Kilmer, is indeed the most heroic character in the movie Top Gun. While some may argue that Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, is the protagonist and therefore the “good guy,” I believe that Iceman’s actions, values, and character development throughout the film make him the true hero.

Firstly, Iceman consistently displays a high level of professionalism and skill throughout the movie. He is a highly experienced pilot who follows the rules and regulations set by the Navy. Unlike Maverick, who often takes unnecessary risks and bends the rules, Iceman prioritizes safety and teamwork. This is evident in the multiple flight scenes where he demonstrates precise flying techniques and effective communication with his wingman.

Furthermore, Iceman’s commitment to his fellow pilots and the overall mission is unwavering. He puts the needs of the team above his own desires and ego. In one particular scene, Maverick’s reckless flying puts their entire squadron in danger, but Iceman manages to save them by making a split-second decision. This selfless act showcases his dedication to protecting and supporting his comrades.

Iceman also evolves as a character throughout the movie, which further solidifies his heroism. Initially, he is portrayed as the rival to Maverick, often appearing arrogant and aloof. However, as the film progresses, we witness his transformation into a more compassionate and understanding individual. He recognizes Maverick’s talent and potential, and rather than continuing their rivalry, he begins to mentor and support him. This growth in character demonstrates Iceman’s ability to learn and adapt, making him not only a skilled pilot but also a true leader.

Additionally, Iceman’s professionalism and dedication inspire others around him to become better versions of themselves. Characters like Slider and Hollywood, who initially mirrored Maverick’s carefree and rule-bending attitude, start to adopt Iceman’s disciplined approach. This shows the positive influence he has on those around him, making him a catalyst for personal growth and heroism in others.

In my personal experience, I have encountered individuals like Iceman who possess similar heroic qualities. They are often the ones who lead by example, consistently displaying integrity, professionalism, and a strong sense of duty. Their actions inspire others to step up and become better versions of themselves, creating a ripple effect of heroism within a team or organization.

While Maverick may be the central character in Top Gun, it is Iceman who truly embodies heroism. His professionalism, dedication, character development, and ability to positively influence others make him the most heroic character in the film. Other characters become more heroic by emulating his qualities and values.