Is Hush a good bow?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Oh man, let me tell you about Hush, it’s one of the best bows in Destiny 2! I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s become my go-to weapon for both PvE and PvP activities. The exclusive perk, Archer’s Gambit, is what sets it apart from other bows.

Archer’s Gambit is an amazing perk that really enhances the bow’s performance. When you land a hip-fired precision shot, it activates Archer’s Gambit, which greatly increases the draw speed and accuracy for a short duration. This means you can fire off shots rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy, making it perfect for taking down enemies quickly.

But that’s not all, Hush also comes with Opening Shot, another fantastic perk. Opening Shot boosts the accuracy and range of the first shot fired from each life. This is particularly useful in PvP situations where landing that first shot can make all the difference.

Speaking of PvP, Hush is an absolute beast in the Crucible. With its fast draw speed and accuracy, you can quickly take out opponents with precision shots from the hip. It’s incredibly satisfying to see those headshots land one after another, and it can really catch your opponents off guard.

In PvE activities, Hush is just as effective. The fast draw speed allows you to quickly dispatch enemies, and the accuracy makes it great for taking out those pesky precision targets. Whether you’re clearing out waves of enemies or focusing on high-value targets, Hush will not disappoint.

I remember one time during a Gambit match, I was using Hush and managed to land a hip-fired precision shot on an invader. Thanks to Archer’s Gambit, I was able to quickly fire off several more shots and take them down before they could even react. It was a game-changer and really showed me the power of this bow.

I can confidently say that Hush is a fantastic bow in Destiny 2. Its exclusive perks, Archer’s Gambit and Opening Shot, make it incredibly accurate and fast when firing from the hip. Whether you’re playing PvP or PvE, this bow will serve you well and provide an exhilarating gameplay experience. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend giving Hush a shot. You won’t be disappointed!