Is Homestuck 2 written by hussie?

Answered by Tom Adger

Homestuck 2, also known as Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon, is a continuation of the original webcomic Homestuck, created by Andrew Hussie. However, the writing for Homestuck 2 is a collaborative effort, with Hussie as the initial outline writer and a team of writers led by Cohen Edenfield, also known as Mitchell, taking on the bulk of the writing responsibilities.

While Hussie provided the initial outline for Homestuck 2, the writing team, consisting of Mitchell, Farah, Lalo Hunt, Pip Dillistone, and optimisticDuelist, worked together to flesh out and expand upon the story. This collaborative approach allows for a diverse range of ideas and perspectives to be incorporated into the narrative.

In terms of the art for Homestuck 2, Xamag, a long-time Homestuck art contributor, leads the art team. The art in Homestuck 2 maintains the distinctive style of the original webcomic, while also incorporating new elements and designs to reflect the evolving story and characters.

It’s worth noting that the collaborative nature of the writing and art for Homestuck 2 is a departure from the original Homestuck, which was primarily written and illustrated by Hussie himself. This change allows for a fresh take on the story, with new voices and ideas contributing to the ongoing narrative.

While Andrew Hussie provided the initial outline for Homestuck 2, the majority of the writing is done by a team led by Mitchell. This collaborative approach brings together a diverse range of perspectives and ideas to continue the story of Homestuck in a way that both honors the original webcomic and explores new territory.