Is Hex good in Borderlands 3?

Answered by Tom Adger

The Hex Grenade in Borderlands 3 is definitely a powerful and highly sought-after weapon. While it has undergone some adjustments, it remains one of the top-performing grenades in the game. As an expert in Borderlands 3, I have extensively used and tested the Hex Grenade, and I can confidently say that it is still a fantastic choice for any player looking to deal elemental damage to their opponents.

The Hex Grenade is manufactured by Atlas, a well-known brand in the Borderlands universe. When thrown, it creates an elemental coil that continuously damages enemies caught within its radius. This damage-over-time effect is incredibly useful, as it allows you to chip away at your foes’ health even after the grenade has been thrown. This makes it particularly effective against enemies with high health pools or boss fights where sustained damage is crucial.

What sets the Hex Grenade apart from other grenades is its ability to apply multiple elemental effects simultaneously. Depending on the variant of Hex Grenade you acquire, it can apply a combination of elemental effects such as shock, incendiary, corrosive, or cryo damage. This versatility makes it a great choice for dealing with different enemy types, as you can exploit their elemental weaknesses and maximize your damage output.

In terms of the nerf that the Hex Grenade received, it did have an impact on its overall performance. The duration of the damage-over-time effect was reduced, making it less effective at dealing sustained damage. However, even with this adjustment, the Hex Grenade remains a formidable weapon that can still dish out significant damage.

I’ve personally used the Hex Grenade in various situations and found it to be incredibly useful. Whether I’m facing off against a tough boss or clearing out a horde of enemies, the Hex Grenade consistently delivers impressive results. Its ability to continuously damage enemies allows me to focus on other tasks, such as repositioning or dealing damage with my weapons. This makes it a valuable asset in my arsenal and a go-to choice for many Borderlands 3 players.

While the Hex Grenade is undoubtedly powerful, it’s worth noting that its effectiveness can vary depending on your build and playstyle. Some characters and builds may benefit more from other grenade mods that offer different effects or synergize better with their skills. However, for most players, the Hex Grenade remains a top-tier choice.

The Hex Grenade in Borderlands 3 is still a fantastic weapon despite the nerf it received. Its ability to apply multiple elemental effects and deal damage over time makes it a versatile and powerful choice for any player. Whether you’re taking on tough bosses or swarms of enemies, the Hex Grenade will undoubtedly make a significant impact on your gameplay.