Is Gilley’s still open in Houston?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Gilley’s is no longer open in Houston. While it was once a popular and iconic nightclub, it closed its doors many years ago. However, there are still three other Gilley’s locations that you can visit.

One of the Gilley’s establishments is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This venue offers a unique country-western experience with live music, dancing, and even a mechanical bull. It aims to recreate the spirit of the original Gilley’s in Houston, providing a fun and lively atmosphere for visitors.

Another Gilley’s can be found in Dallas, Texas. This location is known for its massive dance floor and live entertainment, featuring both local and national country artists. It offers a variety of events and activities, including dance lessons, karaoke nights, and themed parties.

The third Gilley’s is situated in Durant, Oklahoma. This venue is part of the Choctaw Casino Resort and offers a mix of country music, line dancing, and southern-style dining. It provides a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

It’s worth mentioning that Gilley’s was a significant phenomenon in its heyday, particularly during the 1980s. It gained widespread attention and popularity due to its association with the movie “Urban Cowboy,” which was based on the true story of Gilley’s and its patrons. The film starred John Travolta and Debra Winger and showcased the club’s lively atmosphere and country-western culture.

While the original Gilley’s in Houston may no longer be in operation, its legacy lives on through the other Gilley’s locations. These venues continue to offer a taste of the vibrant country-western scene that made Gilley’s such a beloved and iconic establishment.