Is Fortnite coming on Apple?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Fortnite is available on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. However, there have been some recent developments that have affected the availability of Fortnite on the Apple App Store.

Fortnite was originally available for download on the App Store, allowing iOS users to enjoy the game on their Apple devices. However, in August 2020, a dispute arose between Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, and Apple. Epic Games introduced a direct payment option within the Fortnite app, bypassing Apple’s in-app purchase system, which violated Apple’s App Store guidelines.

As a result, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, making it unavailable for new downloads or updates. Existing users who had already downloaded the game on their Apple devices could still play, but they would not receive any new updates or content.

Since then, the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple has continued, with both companies filing lawsuits against each other. The dispute revolves around Apple’s control over the App Store and the fees it charges developers for in-app purchases.

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, it is still possible to play Fortnite on Apple devices. If you had previously downloaded the game before it was removed from the App Store, you can continue to access and play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad. However, keep in mind that you will not receive any updates or new content until the dispute between Epic Games and Apple is resolved.

Additionally, there are alternative ways to play Fortnite on Apple devices. Epic Games has introduced a new feature called “Fortnite Nexus War: Marvel Knockout” that allows players to participate in cross-platform gameplay. This means that you can play Fortnite on your Apple device while connected to players on other platforms such as PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

To access this feature, you need to download the latest version of Fortnite directly from Epic Games’ website. By sideloading the game onto your Apple device, you can bypass the App Store restrictions and continue to enjoy Fortnite.

However, it is important to note that sideloading apps comes with its own risks. By downloading apps from third-party sources, you expose yourself to potential security threats. It is recommended to exercise caution and only download apps from trusted sources.

While Fortnite is not currently available for download on the Apple App Store, it is still possible to play the game on Apple devices. Existing users can continue playing, albeit without updates or new content. Additionally, sideloading the game from Epic Games’ website provides an alternative way to access Fortnite on Apple devices. However, it is crucial to be aware of the potential risks associated with sideloading apps.