Is Finn still a vampire?

Answered by Jason Smith

Finn Mikaelson is still a vampire. As one of the Original Vampires, he possesses immortality and all the traditional vampire abilities, such as superhuman strength, speed, and healing. Finn was turned into a vampire by his mother, Esther, with the intention of protecting him from the dangers of the world. However, Finn has always had a complicated relationship with his vampiric nature and has often expressed a desire to be rid of it.

Finn’s vampirism has been a defining aspect of his character throughout the television show “The Originals,” in which he is a main character. Despite his abilities and immortality, Finn has often found himself at odds with his supernatural existence. He has been portrayed as the most moral and self-loathing of the Original siblings, frequently expressing his disdain for the violent nature of vampires and his longing for a normal human life.

Throughout the series, Finn has shown a strong desire to find a way to end his vampiric existence. He has been willing to align himself with enemies of his family in order to achieve this goal. In one instance, he even willingly allowed himself to be killed in the hopes that his spirit would be released from his vampire body. However, due to the nature of being an Original Vampire, Finn always resurrects after being killed, preventing him from escaping his immortality.

It is worth noting that Finn’s desire to be human again is not shared by all vampires. Each vampire in the “The Originals” universe has their own unique perspective on their existence. Some embrace their vampiric nature and revel in their abilities, while others, like Finn, struggle with the darkness and violence that comes with being a vampire.

Finn Mikaelson is still a vampire and possesses all the abilities and immortality that come with it. However, his character has always been marked by his desire to be rid of his vampiric nature and find a way to live a normal, human life.