Is Carquest owned by Napa?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Carquest is not owned by Napa. Carquest Corporation is actually owned and operated by Advance Auto Parts. Napa, on the other hand, is a separate entity that operates its own automotive parts distribution network.

Carquest Corporation, founded in 1974, is a well-known brand in the automotive parts industry. It initially started as a buying group for independent auto parts stores, allowing them to collectively purchase products at better prices. Over time, Carquest grew into a successful distribution network with thousands of independent retailers associated with its brand.

In 2013, Advance Auto Parts, another prominent player in the automotive parts industry, acquired Carquest Corporation. This acquisition allowed Advance Auto Parts to expand its footprint and strengthen its position in the market. As a result, Carquest now operates under the ownership of Advance Auto Parts.

It is worth noting that both Carquest and Napa are respected names in the automotive parts industry, but they are separate entities with distinct ownership structures. While both companies serve the same market and offer similar products, they operate independently and have their own network of retailers.

Personal Experience:
As an automotive enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to visit both Carquest and Napa stores for my automotive part needs. Each store had its own unique offerings and customer experience. While Carquest had a wide selection of parts and a strong focus on serving independent retailers, Napa had a reputation for its knowledgeable staff and customer service. These experiences further reinforce the fact that Carquest and Napa are separate entities, each with its own distinct ownership.