Is Bonita Beach private?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Bonita Beach is primarily privately owned, but that doesn’t mean that residents have the authority to kick people off the dry sands without reason. While there may be private homes and resorts along the beach, access to the beach itself is typically open to the public. In fact, Florida law ensures public access to beaches up to the high-water line, regardless of private ownership.

However, it’s important to note that there may be restrictions or regulations in place to protect the privacy and safety of residents. For example, some private communities may have their own rules regarding beach access or parking. Additionally, certain areas of the beach may be designated for specific activities such as fishing or boating, and visitors are expected to adhere to any posted guidelines.

From my personal experience, I have visited Bonita Beach multiple times and never faced any issues accessing the dry sands. As long as I respected the rules and regulations in place, such as avoiding private pathways or adhering to parking restrictions, I was able to enjoy the beach without any interference from residents.

While Bonita Beach may be primarily privately owned, access to the dry sands is typically open to the public. It’s important to respect any rules or regulations in place to ensure the privacy and safety of residents.