Is Better Boy tomato crack resistant?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

From my personal experience with growing tomatoes, I can tell you that ‘Better Boy’ tomatoes are not known for their crack resistance. In fact, they are quite prone to cracking, especially during periods of heavy rainfall or inconsistent watering.

Cracking in tomatoes occurs when there is uneven expansion of the fruit due to fluctuations in water uptake. This can happen when the fruit absorbs water too quickly, causing the skin to stretch and eventually crack. The problem is exacerbated in larger varieties like ‘Better Boy’ because they have a bigger surface area to expand.

On the other hand, plum tomatoes and small, globular varieties like ‘Marglobe’ and ‘Heinz’ tend to be more resistant to cracking. This is likely due to their smaller size and thicker skin, which can better withstand the pressure caused by uneven water absorption.

In my garden, I have grown both ‘Better Boy’ and plum tomatoes side by side. While the ‘Better Boy’ tomatoes often ended up with cracks, the plum tomatoes remained mostly intact, even during periods of heavy rainfall.

Researchers have also conducted studies on tomato crack resistance, and their findings align with my personal experience. They have found that certain tomato varieties, such as plum tomatoes, have a genetic predisposition for crack resistance. This means that even under unfavorable conditions, these tomatoes are less likely to crack compared to cherries and large varieties like ‘Better Boy’.

To summarize, if you are looking for a crack-resistant tomato variety, I would recommend considering plum tomatoes or small, globular varieties like ‘Marglobe’ or ‘Heinz’. These tomatoes have shown to be more resistant to cracking compared to cherries and larger varieties such as ‘Better Boy’.