How was Odysseus a hero?

Answered by Jason Smith

Odysseus, the legendary Greek hero, possesses numerous strengths that contribute to his status as a hero. First and foremost, his exceptional leadership skills and strategic thinking are evident throughout his journey. In The Iliad, Odysseus stands out as a war hero who fought valiantly against the Trojans. He was chosen to lead the raid inside the walls of Troy, a testament to his tactical prowess and bravery.

One of Odysseus’ most well-known achievements is his role in the creation of the Trojan Horse. In a stroke of genius, he devised the plan to construct a giant wooden horse and hide a select group of Greek soldiers inside. This cunning strategy allowed the Greeks to infiltrate Troy and ultimately secure victory. This demonstrates Odysseus’ ability to think outside the box and outsmart his enemies.

Furthermore, Odysseus’ journey home from the Trojan War showcases his resilience and determination. He faces numerous challenges and encounters mythical creatures, gods, and treacherous circumstances. Despite these obstacles, he remains steadfast in his goal to return to his homeland of Ithaca. This unwavering determination is a hallmark of his heroism.

Additionally, Odysseus displays exceptional bravery and courage in facing dangerous adversaries. For instance, he confronts the Cyclops Polyphemus, a monstrous one-eyed creature. Instead of succumbing to fear, Odysseus devises a plan to blind the Cyclops and escape his clutches. This act of bravery highlights his ability to remain composed in the face of danger and think quickly on his feet.

Odysseus is also characterized by his resourcefulness and adaptability. He encounters various challenges and obstacles on his journey, such as the enchantress Circe and the Sirens. However, he finds ways to overcome these obstacles, whether it be through cleverly outwitting Circe or by having his crew tie him to the mast to resist the allure of the Sirens’ song. This ability to adapt and find innovative solutions contributes to his heroism.

Furthermore, Odysseus demonstrates his loyalty and devotion to his family and homeland. Despite facing numerous temptations and hardships during his journey, he remains committed to returning to his wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemachus. This unwavering loyalty showcases his strong moral character and sense of duty.

Odysseus possesses a multitude of strengths that make him a true hero. His exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking, bravery, resilience, resourcefulness, adaptability, and loyalty all contribute to his status as a legendary figure. Odysseus’s journey, as depicted in The Odyssey, showcases these strengths as he overcomes numerous challenges and obstacles to ultimately return home.