How tall is YMIR AOT?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Ymir’s height in Attack on Titan, or AOT, is around 5 meters. However, it’s important to note that her size is smaller compared to most other Titans in the series. As a holder of the Jaw Titan, Ymir’s Titan form is known for being considerably smaller than average.

When transformed into her Titan form, Ymir’s appearance is quite distinct. Her Titan has rugged hair, with small black eyes, a large nose, and small pointed ears. One notable feature of her Titan form is her long arms, which give her a slightly disproportionate appearance.

Ymir’s Titan form also possesses sharp fangs and claws, which are her most distinct traits. These features contribute to her formidable combat abilities, particularly when it comes to biting and tearing through enemies.

This smaller size and unique design of Ymir’s Titan form make her stand out among the other Titans in the series. While some Titans are massive and towering, Ymir’s Titan form is more compact and agile, allowing her to maneuver swiftly in battle.

It’s interesting to see how the different Titan shifters in Attack on Titan have their own unique appearances and abilities. Ymir’s smaller stature and specialized Jaw Titan form add to the diversity and depth of the series.

Ymir’s Titan form in AOT is around 5 meters tall, making her smaller than most other Titans. Her distinct traits, such as the sharp fangs and claws, contribute to her combat prowess. Despite her smaller size, Ymir’s Titan form is still formidable and plays a significant role in the series.