How tall is every Mario character?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

Here is a detailed answer on the height of various Mario characters:

1. Toad (SMG4 Universe): Toad is known for his short and stubby appearance. In the SMG4 Universe, Toad stands at approximately 6 feet tall. Despite his small stature, Toad is always ready to help out and participate in adventures alongside his friends.

2. Toadette (SMG4 Universe): Toadette is another character from the SMG4 Universe. She is slightly taller than Toad, standing at around 101 centimeters (or approximately 3 feet 4 inches) in height. Toadette is known for her cheerful personality and is often seen participating in various activities and challenges with her friends.

3. Toadsworth (SMG4 Universe): Toadsworth is a wise and elderly character in the SMG4 Universe. He stands at around 111 centimeters (or approximately 3 feet 8 inches) in height. Despite his age, Toadsworth is often seen providing guidance and advice to his companions, showing that age is just a number.

4. Yoshi (Nintendo Universe): Yoshi is a popular character from the Nintendo Universe. He is known for his dinosaur-like appearance and his ability to swallow enemies with his long tongue. Yoshi stands at approximately 169 centimeters (or approximately 5 feet 6 inches) tall. Despite his tall stature, Yoshi is a friendly and loyal companion to Mario and his friends.

It’s important to note that the heights mentioned for the SMG4 characters are specific to their appearances in the SMG4 Universe and may differ from their heights in other Mario games or media.

The heights of Mario characters vary, showcasing the diversity in the Mario universe. Each character brings their own unique traits and abilities to the table, regardless of their height.