How old was Gatsby when he fell in love with Daisy?

Answered by Jason Smith

When Gatsby fell in love with Daisy, he was 27 years old. This happened in 1917, during his time in the American Expeditionary Forces after the United States entered World War I. Gatsby’s experience as a doughboy in the military was a significant chapter in his life, and it was during this time that he met and became infatuated with Daisy Fay, who was 18 years old at the time.

The setting for their first encounter was Camp Taylor, located near Louisville, Kentucky. Gatsby’s time at this training camp was filled with the rigors of infantry training, as he prepared to serve his country in the war. It was in the midst of this intense period that he crossed paths with Daisy, a young debutante.

Their meeting was undoubtedly a memorable one for Gatsby. Daisy, with her charm and grace, captivated his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her. Despite their significant age difference, Gatsby found himself deeply drawn to Daisy’s youthful spirit and beauty.

The intensity of Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy cannot be overstated. He became infatuated with her, and his love for her grew stronger with each passing day. Daisy, on the other hand, was also taken by Gatsby’s charisma and charm. Their connection was undeniable, and their love affair quickly blossomed.

It is important to note that Gatsby’s love for Daisy was not simply a passing infatuation. It was a deep and enduring love that would shape his life for years to come. Gatsby’s quest to win Daisy’s heart and his relentless pursuit of wealth and success were all driven by his unwavering love for her.

Gatsby was 27 years old when he fell in love with Daisy. Their meeting at Camp Taylor during his military training marked the beginning of a love story that would have a profound impact on both of their lives.