How old is kawaii chan?

Answered by Jason Smith

Kawaii~Chan, also known as Nana, is a character from the series MyStreet. She is a lively and adorable character who is known for her cute and playful personality. In terms of her age, Kawaii~Chan is 27 years old. She is a young adult who brings a cheerful and youthful energy to the show.

Kawaii~Chan is often seen wearing various outfits that reflect her fun and vibrant personality. Some of her notable outfits include her regular play attire, maid uniform, formal outfit, and sleepover clothes. She also has outfits for specific occasions such as her athletic wear, casual attire, and even a princess costume. Additionally, she has been seen wearing a Santa hat and has cosplayed as characters like Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew and Chibiusa from Sailor Moon.

In terms of her appearance, Kawaii~Chan has a distinct cat-themed weapon known as the Cat Claws. These claws add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to her character. They are often used to showcase her mischievous and adventurous side.

While Kawaii~Chan is a fictional character, her age and various outfits contribute to her overall charm. Her youthful and energetic personality make her a beloved character among fans of MyStreet. It’s worth mentioning that the age of fictional characters can sometimes be subjective and may vary depending on the source material or adaptations.

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