How old is hiccup at the end of Httyd 3?

Answered by Frank Schwing

At the end of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Hiccup is 21 years old. Throughout the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, we see Hiccup grow from a young, inexperienced teenager to a mature and confident young adult.

In the first film, Hiccup is depicted as a socially awkward 15-year-old boy who lacks self-confidence. He is constantly trying to prove himself to his fellow Vikings, especially his father Stoick the Vast. However, through his friendship with Toothless, a Night Fury dragon, Hiccup learns to embrace his unique abilities and becomes a hero in his own right.

In the sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, which takes place five years after the first film, Hiccup is approximately 20 years old. He has become the chief of Berk and has established a dragon utopia where humans and dragons live harmoniously. Hiccup’s leadership skills are put to the test when he encounters a new threat and discovers his long-lost mother.

Moving on to the television series, Dragons: Defenders of Berk, Hiccup is 16 years old. This series explores Hiccup’s role as the chief of Berk and his ongoing efforts to maintain peace between humans and dragons. It further develops his bond with Toothless and the rest of the Dragon Riders.

In the subsequent television series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, Hiccup ages into his late teens, being around 18-19 years old. The series follows Hiccup and his friends as they explore new lands, encounter new dragon species, and uncover hidden secrets. Hiccup continues to mature as a leader and faces various challenges along the way.

In the short film, Dawn of the Dragon Racers, which takes place between the second and third films, Hiccup remains around 18-19 years old. The story revolves around a dragon race and showcases Hiccup’s determination to protect the dragons and maintain the peace on Berk.

In the third and final film, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Hiccup is 21 years old. The film focuses on Hiccup’s journey to find a new home for the dragons as they face the threat of a dragon hunter named Grimmel. Hiccup must make difficult decisions and confront the idea of letting go of his beloved dragons to ensure their safety.

Throughout the franchise, we witness Hiccup’s growth from an uncertain teenager to a capable leader. His experiences shape him into a self-assured young adult who is willing to put others’ needs before his own. Hiccup’s age progression adds depth to his character and allows us to see the challenges and responsibilities he faces as he navigates adulthood.