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Walter White, the protagonist of the hit television series Breaking Bad, is known for his transformation from a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug lord. Throughout the series, Walt’s motivations for entering the drug trade are complex, but one factor that cannot be ignored is money.

From the beginning of the series, we see that Walt is struggling financially. He works two jobs just to make ends meet and worries about providing for his family after he’s gone. When he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he sees an opportunity to leave his family with a secure financial future by cooking and selling meth with his former student, Jesse Pinkman.

At first, Walt’s main motivation is earning enough money to cover his medical bills and provide for his family after he’s gone. However, as the series progresses, we see that Walt beomes more and more obsessed with the power and money that come with being a drug lord. He becomes increasingly ruthless and selfish, putting his own interests above those of anyone else.

So just how much money does Walt make during his time as a drug lord? According to the show, Walt earns over $80 million in cash, which he keeps in a storage unit. This money comes from the sale of meth, as well as various criminal activities such as money laundering and extortion.

Of course, Walt doesn’t keep all of this money for himself. He uses some of it to pay off debts and cover expenses related to his criminal activities, such as the $621,000 needed to pay off Ted Beneke’s IRS problem. He also gives some of it to Jesse as a form of guilt for his mistreatment of him.

It’s important to note that while the money is a significant factor in Walt’s decisions, it’s not the only one. He is also driven by a desire for power, a need to prove himself to his family and the world, and a sense of adventure.

Walter White’s motivation for entering the drug trade was complex, but money played a significant role. He earns over $80 million in cash throughout the series, but his motivations and actions become increasingly selfish and ruthless as he becomes more obsessed with the power and money that come with being a drug lord.

How Much Money Does Jesse and Walter Earn?

Throughout the series Breaking Bad, the two main characters, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, earn varying amounts of money from their illicit drug manufacturing and distribution business. Initially, their profits are modest, with their first batch of methamphetamine selling for only $1,400, but as they gain more experience and connections, their profits increase significantly.

By season 5, it is revealed that Walter earned over $80 million in cash from their drug business, which he kept in a storage unit. This amount was earned over the course of several years, and Walter used the money to provide for his family, pay off debts, and fund his cancer treatment.

Jesse, on the other hand, was left with $5 million that Walter gave him out of guilt. This amount was significantly less than what Walter earned, but it was still a substantial sum of money.

Throughout the series, both characters use their earnings to fund their lifestyles and pay for various expenses, including medical bills and legal fees. Walter’s wife, Skyler White, also uses the income to pay off debts and clean up messes caused by their illegal activities.

The amount of money that Jesse and Walter earn varies thrughout the series, but by the end, Walter has accumulated a significant fortune, while Jesse is left with a smaller sum.

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The Amount of Money Left to Walter White’s Family

Walter White, the protagonist of the hit TV show “Breaking Bad,” was a high school chemistry teacher who turned to cooking and selling methamphetamine to provide for his family after he was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout the show, Walter’s main motivation for his criminal activities was to secure his family’s financial future after he was gone.

At the end of the series, Walter dies, but not before he leaves his family a sizeable amount of money. According to the show’s finale, Walter arranged for his frmer business partners to give his wife Skyler a total of $9.72 million in drug money. This money was intended to be used to support Walter’s children and ensure their financial security.

It’s worth noting that Walter’s motivations for his criminal activities evolved over the course of the show. While money was certainly a factor at the beginning, as he struggled to pay for his medical bills and provide for his family, by the end of the series, Walter was driven more by a desire for power and revenge. However, it’s clear that he still cared deeply about his family and wanted to ensure their future prosperity, even if it meant resorting to illegal means to do so.

The Amount of Money Walter White Had in the Storage Unit

In the popular TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White, the main character, stored a huge amount of cash in a storage unit. The exact amount of money in the storage unit was revealed in the show’s 13th episode of season five. According to Skyler, Walter’s wife, the amount of money in the storage unit was more than they could spend in ten lifetimes. Later in the episode, the amount of cash was disclosed as a whopping $80 million.

This huge amount of money represented Walter’s earnings from his illegal methamphetamine production and distribution operation. Walter was a skilled chemist who started making meth to provide for his family after learning that he had cancer.

To put the amount of money in perspective, here are some ways to compare $80 million:

– It is enough to buy several luxury homes in the most expensive cities in the world.
– It can provide a comfortable retirement for many people.
– With $80 million, you can fund a small startup company or invest in a profitable business venture.
– The amount of cash can also be used to support various charitable causes and make a significant impact on society.

Walter White’s storage unit contained a massive $80 million in cash, which represented his earnings from his illegal drug operation. The amount of money is staggering and can be compared to various life-changing purchases and investments.

How Much Money Did Jesse Pinkman Earn?

Over the course of the four seasons of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) made a gross total of $7.8 million. However, this amount doesn’t take into account the cuts taken by his lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) out of every batch. It is important to note that Jesse doesn’t keep all of the money he makes. He also purchases his parents’ house for $400,000.

In total, Jesse’s earnings throughout the series are affected by various factors such as his expenses and the share taken by his associates, which include Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). Despite his high earnings, Jesse’s lifestyle choices and expenses often leave him with little to no money.

To summarize, Jesse Pinkman’s gross earnings throughout the four seasons of Breaking Bad amount to $7.8 million. However, after deducting expenses such as Saul’s cuts and his purchase of his parents’ house, the actual amount of money Jesse keeps is significantly lower.

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Walter White’s character arc is one of the most fascinating and complex in television history. From a struggling high school chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug kingpin, Walter’s journey is both captivating and tragic. While money was a driving force for him at the beginning, his motivations bcame more complex as the show progressed. He was ultimately driven by a desire for power and control, as well as a need to provide for his family. However, his actions ultimately led to disastrous consequences for himself and those around him. Despite his many flaws, Walter remains a compelling and unforgettable character, and Breaking Bad is a testament to the power of great storytelling.

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