How much hit rating is 9 TBC?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

In The Burning Crusade (TBC) expansion of World of Warcraft, hit rating plays a crucial role in determining the chance for your melee attacks to hit your target. To maximize your damage output, it is important to reach the hit cap, which is 9% or equivalent to 142 hit rating.

Hitting the hit cap is considered one of the highest priorities for melee DPS (damage per second) classes, as it greatly improves your overall damage output. Missing attacks can result in lost opportunities for damage, so ensuring you have a high hit rating is essential.

To understand how hit rating works, let’s delve into the mechanics of hit chance in World of Warcraft. By default, your melee attacks have a base hit chance of 96% against enemies of equal level. However, this hit chance is reduced against higher level enemies. For example, if you are fighting a boss that is three levels higher than you, your base hit chance is reduced to 83%.

To compensate for this reduced hit chance, players need to stack hit rating. Each point of hit rating increases your chance to hit by 1%, until you reach the hit cap. Once you hit the cap, any additional hit rating will not provide any further benefit.

Reaching the hit cap is crucial for maximizing your damage output, as it ensures that your attacks connect with your target consistently. Without sufficient hit rating, you risk missing attacks and losing out on valuable damage opportunities.

While reaching the hit cap is important, it’s also important to strike a balance between hit rating and other primary stats such as strength, agility, and critical strike rating. It’s generally recommended to prioritize gear pieces that provide hit rating without sacrificing too much of these other stats. Finding the optimal balance between hit rating and other important stats will help you maximize your overall damage output.

In practice, achieving the hit cap can be a gradual process as you acquire better gear. It’s important to prioritize gear upgrades that provide hit rating, such as weapons, rings, trinkets, and other armor pieces. Enchantments and gems that provide hit rating can also be beneficial in reaching the hit cap.

Personal experiences may vary when it comes to reaching the hit cap. Some players may find it relatively easy to acquire gear with sufficient hit rating, while others may struggle to find the right balance between hit rating and other desired stats. It’s important to consider your own class and playstyle when determining the best approach to reaching the hit cap.

To summarize, in TBC, the hit cap for melee classes is 9% or 142 hit rating. Reaching the hit cap is essential for maximizing your damage output, as it ensures that your attacks consistently connect with your target. Balancing hit rating with other important stats is important to optimize your overall performance.