How much does Scottie Scheffler Caddy make?

Answered by James Kissner

As an expert in the field, I can provide you with some insights into the potential earnings of Scottie Scheffler’s caddie, Ted Scott. It’s important to note that caddie earnings can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the golfer’s performance, tournament winnings, sponsorship deals, and the specific arrangement between the golfer and the caddie.

Caddies typically earn a percentage of the golfer’s winnings, which can range from around 5% to 10%, depending on the agreement between the player and the caddie. Additionally, caddies may receive a base salary or a weekly fee, particularly for non-tournament weeks.

Scottie Scheffler is a highly talented golfer currently playing on the PGA Tour. In recent years, he has been performing exceptionally well, consistently making cuts and earning significant prize money. With Scheffler’s success, it’s likely that his caddie, Ted Scott, has been earning a substantial income.

To give you a better understanding, let’s consider the example of Ted Scott approaching $1 million in earnings for 2023. This suggests that Scheffler has had a highly successful year, accumulating a significant amount of prize money. Assuming Scott’s earnings are based on a percentage of Scheffler’s winnings, we can estimate that Scheffler’s total earnings for the year are substantially higher than $1 million.

It’s important to remember that caddie earnings can fluctuate greatly from year to year, depending on the golfer’s performance and the number of tournaments played. Additionally, caddies often have additional sources of income, such as endorsements or sponsorships.

While I cannot provide an exact figure for Ted Scott’s earnings as Scottie Scheffler’s caddie, it’s safe to say that his approaching $1 million in earnings for 2023 indicates a successful and lucrative year for both Scheffler and Scott. The specific details of their agreement and the percentage Scott receives from Scheffler’s winnings are not publicly disclosed, but it is evident that their partnership has been financially rewarding.