How much does a caddy cost at Sawgrass?

Answered by Edward Huber

At Sawgrass, you have the option to add a walking caddy to your golfing experience for an additional fee. It’s important to reserve a walking caddy in advance to ensure their availability. There are two types of walking caddies available – single bag and double bag caddies.

The cost for a single bag walking caddy is $115 per golfer. This means that if you have a group of four golfers and each of you wants a single bag caddy, the total cost would be $460. On the other hand, if you prefer a double bag caddy, the cost per golfer is $75. So, for a group of four golfers with double bag caddies, the total cost would be $300.

It’s worth noting that these prices are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check with the golf club for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, it’s customary to tip your caddy for their service. The recommended gratuity for a caddy at Sawgrass is $50 per player, but you can adjust this based on your level of satisfaction with their service.

I would highly recommend reserving your walking caddy in advance, as they can be in high demand, especially during peak golfing seasons. Having a caddy can greatly enhance your golfing experience by providing valuable insights and assistance throughout the course.

Personally, I have found that having a walking caddy at Sawgrass was well worth the additional cost. Their knowledge of the course, strategic advice, and assistance with club selection and reading greens were invaluable. They also helped to lighten the load by carrying my golf bag, allowing me to focus more on my game.

The cost of a caddy at Sawgrass varies depending on whether you choose a single bag or double bag caddy. The current prices are $115 per golfer for a single bag caddy and $75 per golfer for a double bag caddy. It’s recommended to reserve your caddy in advance and consider tipping them $50 per player for their service.