How much does a 60 inch Vizio TV weigh?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

The weight of a 60-inch Vizio TV can vary depending on whether it includes a stand or not. Without a stand, the weight is typically lighter compared to when the stand is attached.

The packaging dimensions of the TV are given as 56.97″ x 35.59″ x 7.28″. This provides an idea of the size of the box in which the TV is packaged for shipping.

The weight of the TV with the stand is mentioned as 50.84 lbs. This weight includes the TV itself along with the stand that supports it.

If the stand is removed, the weight of the TV decreases to 49.89 lbs. This weight is exclusive of the stand and represents the weight of the TV alone.

When the TV is packed in its box for shipping, the weight is recorded as 62.46 lbs. This weight includes the TV, the stand, and the packaging materials used to protect it during transportation.

To attach the stand to the TV, four screws are required. Unfortunately, the size of the screws is not specified in the provided information. However, it is common for TV stands to use standard screws that can be easily found at most hardware stores.

The weight of a 60-inch Vizio TV can range from 49.89 lbs without a stand to 50.84 lbs with a stand. When packaged for shipping, the weight increases to 62.46 lbs due to the inclusion of the stand and packaging materials.