How much coffee does a 12oz bag make?

Answered by Michael Wilson

On average, a 12oz bag of coffee should brew around 17-21 cups. However, it’s important to note that this number can vary based on a few different factors.

One factor that can influence the number of cups brewed is the size of your cup. The standard cup size for coffee is typically 8oz, but many people prefer larger cups ranging from 12oz to 16oz. If you use a larger cup, you will naturally get fewer cups of coffee from the same amount of grounds.

Another factor to consider is the brewing method you use. There are various ways to brew coffee, such as using a drip coffee maker, a French press, or a pour-over method. Each method may have different extraction rates, meaning you may use more or less coffee grounds to achieve your desired strength and taste. For example, a French press typically requires a coarser grind and a longer brew time, which can result in a stronger cup of coffee and potentially fewer cups per bag.

The strength of your coffee can also impact the number of cups you get from a 12oz bag. If you prefer a stronger brew, you may use more coffee grounds per cup, resulting in fewer overall cups from the bag. On the other hand, if you prefer a milder cup, you may use fewer grounds per cup and therefore get more cups from the same bag.

It’s worth mentioning that personal preferences can vary greatly when it comes to coffee strength. Some people enjoy a strong, bold cup of coffee, while others prefer a lighter, more subtle flavor. Experimenting with different ratios of coffee to water can help you find your preferred strength and taste.

Additionally, the quality and freshness of the coffee beans can also play a role in the number of cups you get from a 12oz bag. Freshly roasted beans tend to have more flavor and aroma, resulting in a more satisfying cup of coffee. If you’re using stale or low-quality beans, you may need to use more grounds to achieve the desired taste, which can reduce the number of cups from the bag.

A 12oz bag of coffee can typically brew around 17-21 cups, but this number can vary based on factors such as cup size, brewing method, preferred strength, and the quality of the coffee beans. It’s always a good idea to experiment and adjust these variables to find your perfect cup of coffee.