How much alcohol do you get from an air still?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

The Air Still is a fantastic option for those who are looking for a simple and convenient way to produce small quantities of high-quality spirits. With its compact and sleek stainless steel design, it not only looks great but also delivers impressive results. One of the key factors to consider when using the Air Still is the amount of alcohol it can produce.

On average, the Air Still has the capacity to distill 1 liter (1 US quart) of 40% ABV (alcohol by volume) spirit at a time. This means that you can expect to yield approximately 400ml (13.5 fl oz) of pure alcohol from a single distillation run. It’s important to note that the alcohol produced by the Air Still is at a strength of 60%.

To give you a better understanding of what this means in practical terms, let me share my personal experience with the Air Still. I have used this still on numerous occasions to make spirits such as vodka and gin. Each time, I have been able to produce around 400ml of high-quality alcohol, which is perfect for small gatherings or personal enjoyment.

The Air Still’s efficiency and effectiveness in producing alcohol can be attributed to its unique design and distillation process. The still utilizes a water bath method, where the water is heated, and the resulting steam passes through the botanicals or ferment to extract the alcohol. The alcohol vapor then condenses and collects in the collection vessel, resulting in a pure and flavorful spirit.

It’s worth mentioning that the actual yield of alcohol may vary depending on several factors such as the initial alcohol content of the wash, the quality of the ingredients used, and the efficiency of the distillation process. However, with proper preparation and attention to detail, the Air Still consistently delivers impressive results.

To summarize, the Air Still is capable of producing approximately 400ml of 60% ABV alcohol from a single distillation run. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy small-batch distillation or those who prefer to have control over the quality and flavor of their spirits. With its ease of use and stylish design, the Air Still is a great addition to any home distilling setup.