How many times is Bedlam vodka distilled?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Bedlam Vodka is distilled three times. The distillation process is a crucial step in creating a high-quality vodka, as it helps to purify and refine the spirit. By distilling the vodka three times, Graybeard Distillery ensures that any impurities are removed, resulting in a smoother and cleaner-tasting vodka.

During each distillation, the vodka goes through a heating and cooling process that separates the alcohol from other compounds in the mixture. This process is repeated three times to further refine the vodka and achieve the desired level of purity.

The first distillation removes the initial impurities and unwanted flavors from the raw ingredients. It is during this stage that the alcohol vapor is collected and condensed to create a liquid spirit. This liquid is then subjected to a second distillation, which helps to further purify the vodka and remove any remaining impurities.

After the second distillation, the vodka is typically at a very high proof and may still contain some unwanted elements. To achieve the desired smoothness and purity, the vodka undergoes a third and final distillation. This final distillation helps to refine the spirit even further, resulting in a clean and exceptionally smooth vodka.

In addition to the triple distillation process, Bedlam Vodka also undergoes charcoal filtration. This additional step involves passing the vodka through activated charcoal, which helps to remove any remaining impurities and further enhance the smoothness of the vodka.

The combination of triple distillation and charcoal filtration ensures that Bedlam Vodka is of the highest quality and delivers a consistently smooth and clean taste. The careful attention to detail in the distillation process sets Bedlam Vodka apart from other vodkas on the market, making it a truly exceptional spirit.