How many times do Leia and Luke kiss?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

In the epic finale of The Last Jedi, there is a heartfelt and emotional conversation between Leia and Luke, where they share a tender moment. As a big fan of the Star Wars franchise, I vividly remember this scene. Leia, portrayed by the late great Carrie Fisher, and Luke, played by Mark Hamill, have a special bond as siblings, and their relationship is beautifully depicted in this particular moment.

During their conversation, Luke affectionately kisses Leia on her forehead, conveying a deep sense of love and care. It’s a sweet and touching gesture, symbolizing their connection and the unbreakable bond they share as brother and sister. Leia, being the strong and resilient character she is, appreciates Luke’s gesture and the comfort it brings.

To recap, Leia gives Luke a total of 5 kisses throughout the Star Wars saga, while Han Solo, portrayed by Harrison Ford, receives 8 kisses from the feisty princess. These kisses represent the different dynamics and relationships Leia shares with both Luke and Han Solo.

It’s important to note that the number of kisses between Leia and Luke, or any other characters in the Star Wars universe, may vary depending on the specific scenes and interactions portrayed in different movies. However, based on the information provided in The Last Jedi, Leia gives Luke a total of 5 kisses and Han Solo 8 kisses.

As a Star Wars fan, these moments of affection between the characters add depth and emotional resonance to the story. The love, familial or otherwise, that is portrayed through these gestures further enhances the overall narrative and makes the characters even more relatable.