How many stolen bases did Amos Otis have?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Amos Otis, a legendary player for the Kansas City Royals, was known for his exceptional skills on the field, particularly in stealing bases. Over the course of his impressive 14-year career with the Royals, Otis managed to accumulate a remarkable 340 stolen bases.

While Otis was primarily recognized for his defensive prowess as a center fielder, his ability to swipe bases was equally impressive. His speed and agility allowed him to consistently outmaneuver opposing teams and steal bases with ease. Throughout his career, Otis showcased his base-stealing prowess by utilizing strategic timing and smart baserunning techniques.

It is worth noting that Otis’ stolen base record is just one aspect of his overall contribution to the Royals. He was a well-rounded player who excelled both defensively and offensively. In addition to his stolen bases, Otis compiled a solid .280 career batting average, hitting 193 home runs and driving in 992 RBIs.

Otis’ induction into the Royals Hall of Fame in 1986 is a testament to his significant impact on the franchise. His speed on the basepaths not only added excitement to the game but also provided a valuable asset to the team’s offensive strategy. His stolen base total of 340 showcases his ability to create scoring opportunities and put pressure on opposing defenses.

Amos Otis was a standout player for the Kansas City Royals, known for his exceptional base-stealing abilities. With a total of 340 stolen bases, Otis showcased his speed, agility, and strategic baserunning skills throughout his impressive 14-year career. His induction into the Royals Hall of Fame solidifies his status as one of the franchise’s all-time greats.