How many golfers move on from BMW Championship?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

After the BMW Championship, which was won by Patrick Cantlay, the field is further narrowed down to only 30 players who will advance to the season-ending Tour Championship. This means that 40 players were eliminated from the competition, leaving only the top 30 to continue their pursuit of the championship title.

The BMW Championship is a crucial event for golfers as it serves as the second of three playoff tournaments in the FedEx Cup. The tournament features an elite field of players who have performed exceptionally well throughout the season, earning their spot in this prestigious event. The competition is fierce, and every shot counts as players vie for a coveted spot in the top 30.

As an avid golf fan, I have witnessed the drama and excitement that unfolds during the BMW Championship. It is remarkable to see how players battle it out on the course, displaying their skills and mental fortitude under immense pressure. The stakes are high, as the top 30 players not only secure a chance to compete for the FedEx Cup but also earn valuable exemptions and opportunities for the following season.

The BMW Championship acts as a significant turning point in the FedEx Cup playoffs. For those who do not make the cut, it can be a disappointing end to their season. However, it also serves as motivation for players to work harder and improve their game for the upcoming season. Golf is a sport of resilience, and setbacks can often lead to growth and development.

It is worth noting that the field is progressively narrowed down throughout the playoffs. Starting with a larger field of players, the FedEx St. Jude Championship cut the field to 70 players. From there, the BMW Championship further reduced the number to just 30 players. This creates a heightened sense of competition and intensifies the battle for a spot in the Tour Championship.

The Tour Championship, which follows the BMW Championship, is the culmination of the FedEx Cup playoffs. The top 30 players compete in a staggered start format, with the leader starting at a predetermined score relative to par. This format adds an extra layer of excitement, as players not only compete against each other but also against their respective scores to determine the overall champion.

After the BMW Championship, only 30 players move on to the season-ending Tour Championship. The journey to reach this point is filled with determination, skill, and resilience. The BMW Championship serves as a pivotal moment in the FedEx Cup playoffs, where players must give their all to secure a spot in the final tournament. As a golf enthusiast, I appreciate the intensity and competitiveness of these events and look forward to watching the top 30 players battle it out in the Tour Championship.