How many beds does an Entbrat need?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Entbrats are a species of monsters in the game My Singing Monsters. They are classified as Natural class monsters, and they require a specific number of beds to be housed comfortably. In the case of the Entbrat, they need a total of 4 beds to be satisfied.

Having the right number of beds is crucial in the game as it directly affects the happiness and productivity of your monsters. Each Entbrat requires its own bed to sleep and rest, and without enough beds, they may become unhappy and their production of coins and resources may suffer.

Providing the necessary 4 beds for your Entbrats is important to ensure their well-being and overall success in the game. This means that for every four Entbrats you own, you should have four beds available in their habitat. It’s worth noting that you cannot exceed the maximum capacity of beds in a particular habitat, so if you have more than four Entbrats, you will need to build additional habitats to accommodate them all.

If you fail to provide the required number of beds for your Entbrats, you may notice a decrease in their happiness level. Unhappy monsters are less productive, and they may also generate less income for you. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on their needs and ensure they have enough beds to maintain their happiness and productivity.

To summarize, an Entbrat in My Singing Monsters requires a total of 4 beds to be properly housed and satisfied. Providing the right number of beds for your Entbrats is crucial for their happiness and productivity in the game. Remember to monitor their needs and adjust the number of beds accordingly to maintain their well-being.