How many acres of land are in North Carolina?

Answered by John Hunt

North Carolina, located in the southeastern region of the United States, is a state known for its diverse landscapes and natural beauty. When it comes to land size, North Carolina ranks as the 28th-largest state in the country, covering a vast expanse of approximately 53,821 square miles or 34 million acres.

To put this into perspective, imagine an area larger than the entire country of Greece or slightly smaller than the state of Pennsylvania. It’s a considerable amount of land, offering a wide range of opportunities and experiences for residents and visitors alike.

The state’s diverse geography includes coastal plains, rolling hills, and the majestic Appalachian Mountains in the western part of the state. These varying landscapes provide a habitat for a rich array of wildlife, making North Carolina a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters.

When it comes to game species, North Carolina offers a diverse range of hunting opportunities. Some of the commonly hunted species in the state include whitetail deer, turkey, bear, ducks, and dove. These game animals can be found on the vast tracts of land available for sale throughout the state.

Buying land in North Carolina can be an exciting endeavor, whether it’s for recreational purposes, investment, or building your dream home. With such a large land area, there are plenty of options to suit different preferences and needs.

If you’re interested in purchasing land in North Carolina, it’s essential to consider factors such as location, accessibility, zoning regulations, and potential land uses. Each region of the state offers unique advantages and opportunities, so it’s worth exploring different areas to find the perfect piece of land that meets your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a remote parcel of land nestled in the mountains or a waterfront property along the coast, North Carolina has a diverse range of landscapes to choose from. Exploring the state’s natural beauty and enjoying outdoor activities is a fantastic way to experience the vastness and richness of the land.

North Carolina boasts approximately 34 million acres of land, making it the 28th-largest state in terms of size. With its diverse geography and abundant wildlife, the state offers a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities and land ownership. Whether you’re a hunter, nature lover, or looking to invest in real estate, North Carolina’s vast land area provides ample options to suit various interests and preferences.