How many 12 oz beers in a growler?

Answered by Willian Lymon

A growler is a popular container used for storing and transporting beer. It is typically made of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel and has a sealable lid to maintain the freshness of the beer. One common question that arises is how many 12-ounce beers can be accommodated in a growler. Let’s delve into this and provide a detailed answer.

To determine the number of 12-ounce beers in a growler, we first need to understand the standard capacity of a growler. A typical growler can hold 64 ounces of liquid. This means that if we divide the total capacity by the size of a 12-ounce beer, we can calculate the number of beers it can hold.

When we divide 64 ounces by 12 ounces, we get approximately 5.33. This means that a growler can hold just over five 12-ounce beers. However, it’s important to note that the actual number may vary slightly due to factors such as the shape of the growler and the amount of headspace left for carbonation.

To put it into perspective, let’s imagine you have a growler filled with beer and you want to pour it into individual 12-ounce glasses. You would be able to pour about five full glasses with a little bit of beer left in the growler.

If you prefer to measure the amount of beer in pints, a growler can hold approximately four pints. Each pint is equivalent to 16 ounces, so when we divide the growler’s capacity of 64 ounces by 16 ounces, we get four pints.

It’s worth mentioning that the term “growler” originally referred to a half-gallon container, which is 64 ounces. However, there are now smaller growlers available, such as the 32-ounce (quart) and 16-ounce (pint) sizes. These smaller growlers can hold two and one 12-ounce beers respectively.

A typical growler has a capacity of 64 ounces, which equates to just over five 12-ounce beers or approximately four pints. However, it’s important to note that the actual number may vary slightly depending on the specific growler and how it is filled.