How long was Spooky in jail?

Answered by Willie Powers

Spooky, my older brother, who also goes by the name Oscar, spent a significant amount of time in prison. Four long years to be exact. It was a difficult and challenging time for both of us, as we were each other’s only family.

When Spooky was finally released, it was a mixture of relief and apprehension. I had always looked up to him, despite his involvement in the gang. He had always been there for me, taking on the role of both brother and father figure. But his time behind bars had changed him, and I could sense the weight of his experiences on his shoulders.

Being a Santo, a member of the gang, was something that ran in our family. It was almost like a tradition that was passed down from generation to generation. I knew that eventually, it would be my turn to join the ranks. And so, as soon as Spooky was released, he wasted no time in initiating me into the gang.

I remember that day vividly. We gathered in a dimly lit basement, surrounded by fellow gang members. The air was thick with tension and anticipation. Spooky stood at the center, a commanding presence, his tattoos telling stories of his past. He spoke about loyalty, brotherhood, and the sacrifices we would have to make for our gang.

As he finished his speech, he turned to me, his eyes filled with a mix of pride and concern. He placed his hand on my shoulder, a silent reassurance that he would always be there for me. And then, with a solemn expression, he began the initiation process.

I won’t go into the details of what happened that day. The initiation was a test of strength, courage, and commitment. It was a rite of passage that marked my official entry into the gang. It was a moment that bonded me even closer to Spooky, as we now shared a deep connection as brothers and gang members.

But as time went on, I began to see the darker side of the gang life. The violence, the constant danger, and the toll it took on our family and community. I started questioning if this was truly the path I wanted to follow. I saw how it had affected Spooky, how it had taken away his freedom for four long years.

It was during those moments of reflection that I realized I wanted something different for myself. I wanted to break free from the cycle of violence and crime. I wanted a better future, not just for me but for my brother as well.

So, while Spooky and I shared a bond as gang members, we also shared a dream of leaving that life behind. We made a pact to support each other in finding a way out, to break free from the grips of the gang. And together, we would build a new life, away from the violence and turmoil that had consumed so many years of our lives.

Spooky, my older brother, spent four years in prison before his release. Those four years shaped him and ultimately led to my initiation into the gang. But as time went on, we both realized that there was more to life than gang affiliations. We made a pact to break free from that life and carve a new path for ourselves.