How long is Navy SEAL dog training?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Navy SEAL training, also known as Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD/S), is indeed one of the most rigorous and demanding training programs in the world. It is designed to push candidates to their physical and mental limits to see if they have what it takes to become a Navy SEAL. The training lasts for a grueling 24 weeks, divided into three phases: Basic Conditioning, Combat Diving, and Land Warfare.

Phase 1: Basic Conditioning (7 weeks)
The first phase of BUD/S is all about building a foundation of physical fitness and mental toughness. It includes a variety of intense physical training exercises such as running, swimming, calisthenics, and obstacle courses. This phase aims to test your endurance, strength, and ability to work as part of a team. The instructors closely monitor your performance and weed out those who are unable to meet the standards.

During this phase, you will also undergo “Hell Week,” which is considered one of the toughest parts of SEAL training. Hell Week is a continuous five and a half days of intense physical and mental challenges with little to no sleep. It is designed to push candidates to their limits and test their ability to operate under extreme fatigue and stress.

Phase 2: Combat Diving (7 weeks)
The second phase focuses on combat diving skills and underwater operations. You will learn to use scuba diving equipment, perform various underwater tasks, and develop the necessary skills for covert insertions and extractions. This phase includes long-distance underwater swims, open circuit dives, closed circuit dives, and extensive pool training. It is physically demanding and requires a high level of comfort and proficiency in the water.

Phase 3: Land Warfare (10 weeks)
The final phase of BUD/S is dedicated to land warfare training. It covers a wide range of tactical skills, including small unit tactics, weapons handling, demolitions, land navigation, and mission planning. This phase also incorporates other specialized training such as close-quarters combat and marksmanship. The focus here is on honing your combat skills and preparing you for real-world missions.

Throughout the 24-week training period, you will face constant physical and mental challenges. The instructors will push you to your limits, testing your ability to perform under pressure, make quick decisions, and work effectively as part of a team. The training is designed to simulate real-life combat situations and prepare you for the demanding nature of being a Navy SEAL.

It is important to note that not everyone who starts BUD/S completes the training. The attrition rate is high, and only the toughest and most determined individuals make it through. The training is intentionally tough to identify those who have what it takes to become elite special operations forces.

Navy SEAL training, also known as BUD/S, lasts for 24 weeks and is divided into three phases: Basic Conditioning, Combat Diving, and Land Warfare. It is a physically and mentally demanding program that pushes candidates to their limits. Only those who possess exceptional physical fitness, mental toughness, and the ability to work effectively as part of a team have a chance of successfully completing the training and earning the prestigious Navy SEAL title.