How long does SimpliSafe alarm go off before they call you?

Answered by Willian Lymon

The SimpliSafe alarm system is designed to provide immediate protection and response in the event of an alarm. When an alarm is triggered, the system will sound for a duration of 30 seconds to alert anyone in the vicinity of the potential threat.

After the initial 30-second alarm period, the monitoring service will begin its protocol to contact the primary contacts associated with the account. These primary contacts are the individuals designated to receive notifications and take action in case of an alarm. The monitoring service will reach out to the primary contacts to inform them of the alarm and determine whether further action, such as dispatching the police, is necessary.

It’s important to note that during the contact with the primary contacts, the monitoring service will ask for a safeword if the account holder wishes to cancel the dispatch and not send the police. This safeword acts as a confirmation that the alarm was triggered accidentally or a false alarm, allowing the monitoring service to cancel the dispatch request.

The purpose of this safeword is to prevent unnecessary dispatches and ensure that emergency response resources are utilized appropriately. By providing the safeword, the account holder can confirm that there is no actual threat or emergency situation, avoiding any unnecessary response from the authorities.

In my personal experience, the SimpliSafe alarm system has been effective in promptly alerting both the occupants of the premises and the monitoring service in case of an alarm. The 30-second alarm period allows for immediate action to be taken while ensuring that the primary contacts have enough time to receive the notification and assess the situation.

The safeword feature adds an additional layer of control and allows the account holder to have a say in whether the police should be dispatched. This can be particularly useful in situations where a false alarm is triggered, such as accidental activation or system malfunctions.

The length of time the SimpliSafe alarm goes off before the monitoring service contacts the primary contacts is 30 seconds. This provides a sufficient window for the alarm to be heard and responded to, while also allowing for the necessary communication and decision-making process to take place before dispatching the police.