How expensive is Chessable?

Answered by Willie Powers

Chessable offers different pricing packages to cater to the needs and preferences of its users. The pricing structure has recently been updated, with some adjustments to the costs of the various subscription options.

The basic monthly package, which provides access to the platform’s features and content for one month, will now cost $11.99 per month. This represents a slight increase from the previous price of $9.99. Despite the price increase, the monthly package still offers a flexible and affordable option for users who want to explore and benefit from Chessable’s resources on a short-term basis.

For those who prefer a longer commitment, Chessable also offers yearly and two-year packages. The yearly package, which provides access for 12 months, will now be priced at $74.99. This is an increase from the previous price of $59.99. While the cost has gone up, the yearly package offers significant savings compared to the monthly package, as the average monthly cost comes down to $6.25.

The two-year package, offering access for 24 months, will now be priced at $114.99, up from $94.99. This package offers even greater savings, with an average monthly cost of $4.79. It is an ideal choice for dedicated chess enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in Chessable’s resources for an extended period.

It is worth noting that Chessable constantly strives to improve its platform and enhance the learning experience for its users. The price adjustments reflect the value and quality of the content and features provided. By investing in the platform, Chessable can continue to offer a wide range of courses, practice exercises, and other tools to help users improve their chess skills.

While the price increase may be disappointing to some, it is important to consider the benefits that Chessable offers. The platform provides a unique and effective learning environment, with features such as spaced repetition and interactive training that can significantly enhance one’s understanding and retention of chess knowledge.

As a personal user of Chessable, I have found the platform to be invaluable in my own chess journey. The resources available have helped me improve my strategic thinking, tactical skills, and overall gameplay. The investment in a subscription has been well worth it for me, as the knowledge and skills I have gained have translated into tangible improvements in my performance on the chessboard.

Chessable’s pricing structure has been adjusted, with the basic monthly package now costing $11.99, the yearly package priced at $74.99, and the two-year package priced at $114.99. While these price increases may be disappointing for some, they reflect the value and quality of the resources and features provided by Chessable. The platform continues to offer an excellent learning experience for chess enthusiasts, and the investment in a subscription can yield significant improvements in one’s chess skills.