How does Google Voice make money?

Answered by John Hunt

Google Voice is a service offered by Google that allows users to manage their phones and voicemail by integrating all of their phone numbers into one central number. It is a free service for users, but Google does generate revenue through international calling.

One of the ways Google Voice makes money is through international calling. While the basic service is free, users are charged for making calls to international numbers. These charges vary depending on the country being called. This revenue from international calling helps support the free service and the costs associated with maintaining and improving the Google Voice platform.

In addition to international calling, Google Voice also charges a one-time fee of $10 for users who wish to port their existing phone number to the service. This allows users to keep their current phone number while still benefiting from the features and convenience of Google Voice. The porting fee helps cover the administrative costs associated with transferring and setting up the user’s existing number on the Google Voice platform.

It’s worth noting that while Google Voice does generate revenue through international calling and porting fees, it is not the primary source of income for Google as a whole. Google is primarily an advertising company, and the revenue generated from Google Voice is just a small part of their overall business model.

Personally, I have found Google Voice to be a convenient and reliable service for managing my phone calls and voicemail. The ability to have all of my phone numbers unified under one number has made it much easier for me to stay organized and accessible to others. The international calling feature has also come in handy when I need to make calls to friends or family in other countries. While there may be some costs associated with these features, I have found them to be reasonable and well worth the added convenience and flexibility they provide.

Google Voice makes money through international calling charges and a one-time fee for porting existing phone numbers. While these revenue streams help support the free service, they are not the primary source of income for Google as a whole. Google Voice offers a convenient and reliable solution for managing phones and voicemail, and I have personally found it to be a valuable tool in staying connected and organized.