How do you write haiku?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

Writing a haiku
Is a simple form of art
With rules to follow

Five syllables first
Then seven in the middle
And five at the end

The format is strict
But it allows for freedom
In expressing thoughts

Be concise and clear
Choose words with deep meaning
Avoid excess fluff

Haiku is focused
On capturing a moment
In just three short lines

Nature often inspires
With its beauty and stillness
Seasons changing, birds

But haiku can be
About anything you choose
Emotions, objects

Personal touch
Adds depth and authenticity
To your haiku verse

Avoid repetition
Use synonyms to vary
Your chosen words

Adjectives sparing
Focus on the essence, true
Of what you describe

Be in the present
Haiku captures the moment
Past and future fade

Write from your own self
Share your experiences
Make it personal

Paragraph headings
Help to structure your haiku
Add depth and meaning

But keep it simple
Avoid overwhelming lines
Let the poem breathe

Bullet lists can aid
In explaining your ideas
With clarity and ease

Don’t add conclusion
Leave room for interpretation
Let readers ponder

Haiku is a gift
A moment captured in time
Expressed with brevity

So go forth and write
Embrace the haiku format
And let your words flow