How do you water indoor plants while away for 2 weeks?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

One way to water indoor plants while you are away for two weeks is to create a makeshift greenhouse using a clear plastic bag. This method helps to maintain the humidity around the plant, allowing it to continue to receive moisture even in your absence.

First, find a large clear plastic bag that is big enough to cover your plant and pot completely. Make sure the bag is clean and free of any holes or tears.

Before covering the plant, water it thoroughly to ensure it has enough moisture to last for the duration of your absence. It is important to note that each plant has different watering needs, so make sure to research the specific requirements of your plant beforehand.

Once the plant is watered, place the plastic bag over the plant and pot, ensuring that it completely covers them. You can use a small stake or stick to keep the bag from touching the leaves of the plant.

Find a spot for the covered plant where it will not receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the temperature inside the bag to rise too high, potentially harming the plant. A location with indirect light or shade is ideal.

The plastic bag acts as a mini greenhouse, trapping the humidity around the plant. As the water evaporates from the soil and plant, it will create moisture in the bag. This moisture will then condense on the inner surface of the bag, forming tiny droplets of water. These droplets will eventually fall back into the plant, providing it with additional moisture.

It is important to note that this method is not foolproof and may not work for all plants. Some plants may require more specific care or may not respond well to the increased humidity. It is always best to research the specific needs of your plant and consult with a plant expert or nursery if you have any concerns.

Additionally, this method is more suitable for shorter periods of absence, such as a two-week vacation. For longer durations, it is recommended to ask a friend, neighbor, or hire a plant-sitter to water and care for your plants in your absence.

In summary, to water indoor plants while away for two weeks, create a makeshift greenhouse by covering your plant and pot with a large clear plastic bag. Water the plant thoroughly before covering it and place it in a spot without direct sunlight. The humidity created inside the bag will help to provide moisture to the plant while you are away.