How do you unlock tainted characters binding of Isaac?

Answered by Robert Flynn

To unlock the Tainted characters in The Binding of Isaac, you need to follow specific steps for each character. I’ll walk you through the process based on my personal experiences with the game.

1. Start with Isaac: If you want to unlock Tainted Isaac, you need to begin your run as Isaac. This is important because each Tainted character is unlocked by playing as their regular counterpart.

2. Progress through the game: Play as Isaac and make your way through the game, defeating bosses and exploring different rooms. The goal is to reach Mom’s Room, which is usually found on the second floor.

3. Reach Mom’s Room: Eventually, you’ll come across the entrance to Mom’s Room. It’s usually a red door with a keyhole on it. Use a key to unlock the door and enter the room.

4. Obtain the Red Key: Once inside Mom’s Room, you’ll notice a red key on the ground. Pick it up, as this is a crucial item for unlocking the Tainted characters.

5. Use the Red Key: After grabbing the red key, exit Mom’s Room and return to the hallway. Use the red key in any room where you have access to a locked door. This will create a hidden room.

6. Enter the hidden room: The hidden room created by the red key will contain various items and enemies. Explore the room until you find a Tainted version of the character you’re currently playing as. For example, if you’re playing as Isaac, you’ll find Tainted Isaac in the hidden room.

7. Touch the Tainted character: Once you’ve located the Tainted character, simply walk into them to “touch” them. This action officially unlocks the Tainted character for future runs.

8. Enjoy your new character: Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked a Tainted character in The Binding of Isaac. You can now select them in future runs and experience their unique abilities and challenges.

It’s worth noting that each character has its own specific requirements for unlocking their Tainted version. So, be sure to check online resources or experiment in the game to discover the unlock conditions for other Tainted characters.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you unlock the Tainted characters in The Binding of Isaac. Enjoy exploring the game with these unique and challenging characters!