How do you unfollow or delete someone on Instagram?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

To unfollow or delete someone on Instagram, you can easily manage your followers list through the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Open the Instagram app on your device and log in to your account.
2. Tap on your profile picture located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to your profile page.
3. Once you’re on your profile page, look for the “Followers” tab at the top of the screen and tap on it. This will display a list of all the users who are currently following you.
4. Scroll through the list of followers and find the person you want to remove or unfollow.
5. Once you’ve located the person, tap on the “Remove” button located to the right of their name. This will open a confirmation dialog box.
6. In the confirmation dialog box, tap on the “Remove” button again to confirm your action. This will remove the person from your followers list.

By following these steps, you can easily unfollow or delete someone on Instagram. It’s important to note that by removing someone from your followers list, you are essentially unfollowing them, which means their posts and updates will no longer appear in your feed.

If you want to unfollow multiple people at once, you can repeat these steps for each person you want to remove. Alternatively, you can also go to the person’s profile page and tap on the “Following” button (which indicates that you are currently following them) to unfollow them directly.

Managing your followers list on Instagram allows you to have more control over who can access your content and interact with you on the platform. It’s a useful feature for maintaining privacy and curating your online presence.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you understand how to unfollow or delete someone on Instagram. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.