How do you teach AR words?

Answered by Edward Huber

When teaching AR words, it is important to help students understand the specific sound that the letter ‘r’ represents. One way to do this is by comparing it to the sound of a puppy barking, /r/. This can be a fun way to engage students and make the sound memorable.

To reinforce the concept that the letter ‘r’ is in charge of the vowel sound, I like to use the mnemonic ‘R in charge’. I explain to students that when the letter ‘r’ represents the /ar/ sound, it must come after the vowel ‘a’. This helps them remember that the ‘r’ is the boss and needs to be in control of the vowel.

To practice AR words, I would start by introducing a list of words that contain the /ar/ sound, such as ‘car’, ‘park’, and ‘start’. I would write these words on the board and have students repeat them aloud, emphasizing the /ar/ sound.

Next, I would provide opportunities for students to practice reading and writing AR words. This could be done through various activities, such as word sorts, word hunts, or phonics games. For example, I might have students sort a set of word cards into two groups: words with the /ar/ sound and words without it. This helps them develop their phonemic awareness and reinforces their understanding of the /ar/ sound.

When it comes to writing AR words, I would remind students that the vowel ‘a’ must come before the ‘r’. To make this concept more concrete, I might have students practice writing AR words using colored pencils or markers. They could write the vowel ‘a’ in one color and the ‘r’ in another, making sure to always start with the ‘a’. This visual cue can help reinforce the order of the letters and make it easier for students to remember.

In addition to these activities, I would also incorporate reading and spelling exercises that specifically focus on AR words. This might involve reading AR word lists, completing AR word puzzles, or playing AR word bingo. By providing a variety of practice opportunities, students can reinforce their understanding of the /ar/ sound and become more confident in their ability to read and write AR words.

Teaching AR words requires a combination of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities to engage students and help them internalize the sound and spelling pattern. By incorporating mnemonics, word games, and hands-on practice, students can develop a solid foundation in AR words and improve their overall reading and spelling skills.