How do you stop downy woodpeckers?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

To stop downy woodpeckers from pecking at your siding, one effective method is to hang chicken wire or bird netting over the area they have been targeting. This creates a physical barrier between the woodpeckers and your siding, preventing them from accessing it.

When installing the chicken wire or bird netting, make sure to space it about two or three inches away from the siding. This distance is important to ensure that the woodpeckers cannot reach the siding even if they try to peck through the mesh. It also allows for proper ventilation and prevents moisture buildup between the mesh and the siding.

Securing the mesh is crucial to ensure it stays in place. You can use screws, staples, or other appropriate fasteners to attach the mesh to the siding or any nearby structures. Be careful not to damage the siding or any underlying structures while installing the mesh.

It’s important to note that woodpeckers are persistent birds, so you may need to leave the mesh in place semi-permanently for this method to be effective. Even if the woodpeckers stop pecking at your siding, they might return if the mesh is removed. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep the mesh installed until the woodpeckers have completely stopped their pecking behavior.

Another benefit of using chicken wire or bird netting is that it allows you to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home. Unlike other methods, such as visual deterrents or scare devices, the mesh is not easily noticeable from a distance, ensuring that your home’s exterior remains visually pleasing.

In addition to using mesh, you can also consider implementing other woodpecker deterrents as part of an integrated approach. These may include visual deterrents like reflective tape or hanging shiny objects, as well as auditory deterrents such as wind chimes or ultrasonic devices. By combining multiple deterrents, you can increase the effectiveness of your woodpecker control efforts.

It’s worth mentioning that different woodpecker species may exhibit varying levels of persistence and adaptability to deterrents. The downy woodpecker, for example, is known to be less aggressive than larger species like the pileated woodpecker. Therefore, the effectiveness of the above methods may vary depending on the specific woodpecker species you are dealing with.

By installing chicken wire or bird netting and combining it with other deterrents if needed, you can effectively stop downy woodpeckers from damaging your siding. It is important to be patient and persistent in your efforts, as it may take some time for the woodpeckers to learn that your siding is no longer accessible and move on to other areas.