How do you solve the puzzles in Ghostrunner?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

To solve the puzzles in Ghostrunner, you need to carefully analyze the layout of each room and make strategic decisions about which doors to go through in order to collect all the orbs. Let’s break down the process step by step.

First, let’s start with the second room. The order of the doors in this room is as follows:

1. One lantern door
2. Five lantern door
3. Four lantern door
4. One lantern door
5. Three lantern door

To understand the correct order, you need to pay attention to the number of lanterns above each door. The lanterns indicate the number of orbs you can collect by going through that particular door.

In this case, we start with the one lantern door. This means there is only one orb behind that door. So, we go through the one lantern door first.

Next, we move on to the five lantern door. This door has the highest number of lanterns, indicating that there are five orbs behind it. We prioritize this door to maximize our orb collection.

After collecting the orbs behind the five lantern door, we proceed to the four lantern door. This door has four orbs behind it, so it is our next destination.

Once we have collected the orbs behind the four lantern door, we return to the one lantern door. Although it only has one orb, we still need to collect it to complete our objective.

We make our way to the three lantern door, which contains three orbs. By going through this door last, we ensure that we have collected all the orbs in the room.

It’s important to note that this specific order is for the second room. Each room in Ghostrunner may have a different arrangement of doors and orbs, so you will need to analyze each room individually to determine the correct order.

In summary, to solve the puzzles in Ghostrunner, carefully observe the number of lanterns above each door to determine the order in which you need to go through them. Prioritize doors with more lanterns to maximize your orb collection.