How do you separate groom from groomsmen?

Answered by Frank Schwing

Differentiating the groom from the groomsmen is an important aspect of wedding planning. Here are some creative ideas to achieve this:

1. Switch up your tie: If the groomsmen are wearing long neck ties, opt for a bow tie instead. This classic accessory instantly sets the groom apart and adds a touch of sophistication to his look.

2. Add a boutonniere: A boutonniere is a floral accessory that can be pinned to the lapel of a suit or tuxedo. While the groomsmen can wear matching boutonnieres, the groom can have a slightly different design or a more elaborate arrangement to stand out.

3. Slightly elevate your style: Consider upgrading certain elements of the groom’s attire to create a visual distinction. For example, he can wear a different style of suit or tuxedo, such as a three-piece suit or a contrasting colored jacket. This subtle difference will make him stand out from the groomsmen.

4. Mix-and-match colors: Instead of having the groomsmen wear identical suits, you can differentiate the groom by having him wear a suit or tuxedo in a slightly different color. For instance, if the groomsmen are wearing black, the groom can opt for a charcoal gray or navy blue suit.

5. Play with prints: Another way to distinguish the groom is by incorporating prints or patterns into his attire. While the groomsmen can stick to solid-colored suits, the groom can wear a suit with a subtle check, pinstripe, or textured pattern. This adds visual interest and sets him apart.

Remember, the goal is to create a noticeable difference without overshadowing the groomsmen or compromising the overall wedding aesthetic. Discuss these ideas with your wedding planner or stylist to find the best options that align with your personal style and wedding theme.

In my own wedding, we chose to differentiate the groom by having him wear a unique tie that featured a pattern that complemented the bridesmaids’ dresses. This not only set him apart but also created a cohesive look among the wedding party. Additionally, we opted for a boutonniere for the groom that incorporated a small sprig of lavender, while the groomsmen wore boutonnieres with different flowers. These small details made a big impact and ensured the groom stood out while maintaining a cohesive look with the groomsmen.